Welcome to Chiro chaChinamora

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We are a renowned clan of Zimbabwe whose totem is Soko Murehwa. Our chieftainship is based in Chinamora but originally located at Chishawasha. Our little country borders Chiweshe, Masembura, Mangwende, Seke, Musana and Mbari. We share a lot of history and strong bonds with many other families in Zimbabwe.

Famous Ngomakurira where Chinamora once lived. Soko Murehwa is a Zimbabwean totem/mutupo/isibongo. The totem has a very long history among the indigenous societies which include the Shona, the Ndebele, Tonga, Venda, Kalanga, among others. Every totem has a branch which distinguishes it from the others. In Shona, these small branches are referred to as chidawo in Shona. In this particular instance, Murehwa is the chidawo for the totem.

Soko Murehwa, which belongs to the main Soko cluster has a close relationship with the baboon and its taboos include refraining from baboon meat. It has for long been used as a form of identity; identifying people of belonging to that totem with a unique social, economic, or historical background and past. It was thus a common unifying factor which bound together individuals, families and clans.

Totems in Zimbabwe are not a thing of the past despite the changes that have come with time. Many people are still identified by their respective totems. Like other totems in Zimbabwe, the Soko Murehwa totem is used in addressing people, by and large the elders, and is associated with family dignity and respect. It has also been used in praise poetry, thanksgiving, even in times of mourning.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Chiro chaChinamora

  1. Isu ndisu vakasara kuWedza nhai that’s good to know I was told abt that but I have no idea

      1. Soko Murehwa,Mukanya Im proud of our great kings Chinamhora Dereregodzonga


  2. I’m proud of our history,our great leaders Dereregodzonga(chinamhora). We are vaera soko Murehwa

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