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I will start on Wambe or Vambe. I will relate this story as I was told by my late father Tawuyanago. As narrated by my father it all started with some family squabbles over the father’s marriage to a young and last wife while the father had reached advanced age. The father learning that his sons were getting interested in his new acquisitions was hot and out of rage ordered his eldest to leave the Clan. Hence Vambe, Derere Godzonga, Chidyausiku and one sister took off into the (Rimuka) wilderness. Derere Godzonga was well known for his skills with the spear in a close combat while Chidyausiku had great skills in trekking and ambushing. Vambe had great magic skills he could hit a cow with his stick and instantly the cow will change its colour. Thus, the three embarked on their journey with their single sister.
According to my old man they went to Wedza.

It was a long journey and was not done in a single day. During their exodus they made camps here and there. Finally they reached Wedza and decided to pitch there for some time. As you know during these times a person was identified by his totem which was qualified by the Chidawo, as each chidawo separated the members of the Shona tribes from one another owing to the fact that you could find a lot of Shumbas and Shokos in the same areas. Further and above that this Chidawos were mostly adopted by such members, inorder to hide identity from atrocities they will be running away from.

After settling for some given time they three noted that families were growing large and once more there was need to go and look for better land. It was during this exodus that the brothers decided to split. Derere Godzonga remained in Wedza while Vambe and Chidyausiku embarked on their journey towards Chivhu. They reached the Nharira Hills and settled there for sometime. After a short time Vambe decided to go further South West, while his brother decided branched towards areas between Buhera and Gutu. Vambe later settled in the areas around Zoma- Chartsworth. Because of his skills in medicine his fame travelled so well in all areas that surrounded the Zoma- Chartsworth areas. The MuZezuru as he was known became very popular with the surrounding clans. Besides the skills in the use of magic these Zezurus had great skill in honey harvesting. It was well known that they kept a lot of maGuchu full of honey all year round. During this time these people still had retained the Shoko Murehwa totem.


As you know during the era in question people would travel long distance on foot on days on end sleeping where ever they find people residing. It was on one of these occasions that some men who were on their journey came to the Vambe homestead as per custom after these men had identified themselves and where they were going they pleaded to be allowed to rest and embark on their journey when it was cooler. Sure they were received and served with a lot of delicacies. As per the norm of these vaShawasha the visitors were served with Honey as desert. Beer was also served and they drank. They stayed for three days. It was in the fourth day late in the afternoon when the men decided to carry on with their journey. They bade farewell and were given another guchu of honey.

You know honey is so tempting just when they were out of sight of the Vambe homestead they drunk the honey and went on. They were feeling thirsty from the honey hence they reached a stream and decided to quench their thirsty. You know combination of honey and water their stomachs were so full that travelling was a mammoth task. They decided to rest a bit in the shade of the trees lining the banks of the stream. The dizziness from the good beer they had taken in the afternoon and the honey really made this men fall into a deep slumber. When at last they woke up it was complete dark and they could here the rumbling of the lions as well as howling of jackals. They agreed that the only prudent thing to do was to go back to the vaShawasha homestead and ask for shelter.

Sure they went back on arrival they narrated their ordeal of over sleeping after consuming too much honey given by the hospitality of the vaShawasha. They then retorted that from now on they will identify the Homestead as a homestead of the people vokwaMutadzakupa. “Imi matova vokwaMutadzakupa nokuti makatipa zvakawandisa tikatadza rwendo rwedu, honai tarara panofuti”. So this is when the Vambe Clan adopted the chidawo Shoko yokwa Mutadzakupa as the offsprings are now known today. Shoko Mutadza- which is further qualified as vokwa Shoko Mutadza wokupa kana vachidetembera. Let it be known that these people still know that they are Shoko Murehwa to this day.


As I mentioned earlier the fame of Vambe’s use of medicine was passed on to his son Ruzengwe Hore. Ruzengwe had very powerful “gona” handed to him from his father Vambe. His fame spread into the areas occupied by the vaira Ngara yokwa Zimuto who latter married his sister and further to the remnants of vaRozvi who occupied the places known today as Hama area. The vaira Ngara were well known for their use of spear. They were fearless warriors. The vaRozvi who were staying in the now Hama area were Neshamba and Nechinyuni.

They are known as the minors of the Rozvi tribe that had been occupying the southern parts of now Zimbabwe. They were farmers and reared lots of cattle in these plains. It was during one good rain season that these Rozvi people had grown a lot of sweet potato (mbambaira or mabura). The mabura grew so well that either by mere coincidence it grew and shook all the soil that covered it away, exposing the huge bulb to the world to see. The Rozvi were very superstitious, and this happening did not go down well with them. Elders were summoned and consultations made. It was unanimously agreed among the Rozvi that this was some bad omen. “Mbambaira kurasa ivhu haaa ishura iri”.

Through consultations it was agreed that there was need to seek help from a n’anga who could specify this omen and make amends with the spirits so the curse won’t get to them. Hence the name of the muZezuru was mentioned Ruzengwe. A group was send to the Zoma-Chartsworth area to summon this muZezuru to come and heal the cursed land. When the emissaries arrived at the Ruzengwe homestead they found him there, however during this same time a wife of Ruzengwe was fully pregnant. Ruzengwe embarked on his journey with the group of vaRozvi to the Neshamba-Nechinyuni areas. On arrival sure Ruzengwe found the bura was fully out in the sun for everyone to see. He made his consultation with his gona and ordered the Rozvi to dig all the mbambaira slice it into big pots and slaughter fat heifer that have never been yoked and cook it with the mabura.

It was at this juncture that when the mabura and fat meat were packed in the “makate” that an emissary arrived from his homestead informing Ruzengwe that his pregnant wife could not release the Placenta. “Hanzi mudzimai wako arambira ravakuru”. Hmmm tight situation, Ruzengwe had to leave at once, leaving an instruction to the Rozvi that they should do nothing to the mixture until he comes back. All they could do was to make sure enough heat was supplied not to burn the ingredients. Waal have you ever could fat meat mixed with mabura and let it simmer. The smell that comes from such a mixture will leave rivers of saliva in your mouth. Such that what really happen on this incidence when Ruzengwe had gone the drunk Rozvi people could not stand the smell and agreed to have a taste of the dish. Haaaa the taste was worse than the smell they agreed unanimously to have a party of the delicacy.

The part went on through out the night. When Ruzengwe returned on the following day late afternoon the Rozvi were all fast snoring in the shade of trees. He was greeted with empty “makates”. Pathetic story it was, Ruzengwe was hot with rage he demanded the Rozvi to return his “muti”. He vehemently accused them of testing his powers. All now he wanted was his muti back so that he could go back his way. Tough one there, the Rozvi had nothing to offer as they did not know what muti was used. Ruzengwe went back home and summoned his “mukwasha muira Ngara uya” who had married his sister and informed him of the misdemeanor done to him by the vaRozvi. Sure a force of very strong army was built led by the Zimuto warrior to go and recover the “muti” of Ruzengwe from the Rozvi.

The Rozvi on seeing the army of the giant Zimutos they yielded and called for a truce. They instead offered Ruzengwe the land that they were occupying, hence the start of the Hama Chieftainship. This how the how the vaShawasha vaera Shoko Murehwa, now known as vekwaShoko Mutadza came to reside in the Hama area.
Little is known about the two brothers of Ruzengwe, Chiparuparu and Chinamasine.
Below I will give the sons of the two brothers of Chibura and their siblings.
Guruzva had six sons namely Mutindi, Mutumiri, Mawurunge, Zishiri, Mavedzenge and Ganda
It was here that Mawurunge named one of his sons Tingini maybe remembrance of the original founder of the Tribe.

Gava had three sons Musvuti (Zireva), Mutavikwa and Chiribhani
All the above sons are dotted around the Hama area their offsprings that is.

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  1. Mukanya I am very thankful for this wonderful piece of contribution. Lets keep them coming and it is an opportunity for you to also learn and share so we can rebuild our lost kingdoms. It is for those future generations that with westernisation, our ‘hunhu’ will be gone and lost forever. We owe it to our forefathers and those that have gone before us to pass this information into the future. God bless and kanyairai mukanya

  2. Regards of the New Year my dear Brothers and Sisters. Hope all is well where ever you are please lets keep the fire burning just Like Maori of the Red Indians

  3. T. Vambe can share your background please, will be interested to know if you are part of our history

  4. @ Mukutsiri Muruvi, thanks for your contribution, but i would like to bring the following to your attention, the other sons of Chibura were Tawona and Chimboora. I am Kudakwashe Chikochi/Chikwaru of Chikwaru Village near Hama Mission, actually Hama Mission is in our village. I am told my great grand father, Chikwaru (Tawona’s Son), is the one who went with his Chikochikari (Scotch Cart) to Driefontein Mission where he requested and brought the white Missionaries to come and establish the Roman Catholic Church near Rupepwe. Chikwaru’s Grave is found near the original position of the Church at Rupepwe. The Church was later moved to where you now call Hama Mission this day. That eventual led to the development of Hama St Joseph’s Primary School, Hama High School, The Roman Catholic Parish, St Theresa’s Hospital etc.

    I also do have some great information which i collected from the national archives library and my elders, i will post my contribution in the very near future.

  5. Thank you Mukanya your detailed description of our history. I am aware that your original source was oral history and as such there shall be distortions and inconsistencies. As such, there are a few areas that require clarity or further research especially who the sons of Guruzva were. Some of the names you cited I am afraid are not the names of Guruzva’s children. I suggest that you go to the DA office for the correct version of the family tree. Thank you.

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