Welcome Chinamora

This Website will house information relating to the families of the Chinamora clan of the totem Soko Murehwa. The history in here has been compiled using existing knowledge and also derived from other materials previously written by other members of the Chinamora Family of the VaShawasha. The history provided here on the link Our History is in line with what Joshua Chidziva wrote in one of the journals which was luckily retrieved from NADA. This journal was done in the 1950’s.

If there are any variations please feel free to get in touch or comment where appropriate. We are also very keen to have any pictorial evidence of such outstanding men and women who have made our clan a force to recon with in the social order of our country. We encourage your participation and urge you to collect as much more information and history to enrich this site with the hope that future generations will  be able to know who they are and be proud to be one of the most respectable clan in Zimbabwe.

There are many families scattered around the Southern African region who are the descendents of the clan and therefore connecting through this medium will keep us together.

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