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This Website will house information relating to the families of the Chinamora clan of the totem Soko Murehwa. The history in here has been compiled using existing knowledge and also derived from other materials previously written by other members of the Chinamora Family of the VaShawasha. The history provided here on the link Our History is in line with what Joshua Chidziva wrote in one of the journals which was luckily retrieved from NADA. This journal was done in the 1950’s.

If there are any variations please feel free to get in touch or comment where appropriate. We are also very keen to have any pictorial evidence of such outstanding men and women who have made our clan a force to recon with in the social order of our country. We encourage your participation and urge you to collect as much more information and history to enrich this site with the hope that future generations will  be able to know who they are and be proud to be one of the most respectable clan in Zimbabwe.

There are many families scattered around the Southern African region who are the descendents of the clan and therefore connecting through this medium will keep us together.

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  1. I am somehow linked to the Chinamora clan, I was informed that my family who now reside by Denda in Domboshava were the second half of the Chinamora Dynasty. Due to the events during 1896 my great grandfather was forced to move from the Chishawasha Hills and settle as one fo the first families in the Domboshava area. Before this my ancestors lived in the Chishawasha Hills from before the turn of the century so 1700’s if i am not off with my calculations.

    VaaSekuru before passing on left a detailed account of the family history in the 1950’s before he passed away in the early 1960’s. This information was intrusted to his grandson who he instructed to write this information down for future generations to be aware of our role in the grand scheme of things.

    I will hopefully be in possession of these books in the next month or so and will be able to contribute another piece of this very important puzzle. A lot of respect and adoration is given to those who have taken time to invest in this website.

    1. Great be the man who values who he is and this starts with us. Our grandfathers failed to record things and we all say are why varungu are good its becuase they document things. Please mukanya ini ndinonzi Chikowore, if you come from Denda thats a very local growth point. This website is for makudo, Soko Murehwa, kakono kemanda mugotsi. Go and hunt all this information about kutendwa kwataiitwa and so forth. We need to document all this. If need be I will be setting a database for all these details. Thank you all those who keep contributing and commenting about who these VaShawasha people were in Zimbabwe. What political stake they used to have and what has happened to it.

      1. Thank you for the follow up! My muzukuru has been very busy especially with the elections happening. He is the one who is currently in the possession of them and we are in the process of setting a date for me to go and thoroughly study them. In total they are 30 books I am told.

        I was also made aware during this period of time that VaSekuru was involved in the first Chimurenga and his input during that time era. Unfortunately he did not live long enough to see the liberation of our Land and people but I am sure he is happy to know in the after life that his efforts where not in vain.

        I have been currently been researching every source i can to find out the history of the People of the Land which is Zimbabwe focusing around the time before the settlers. To see how this ties in with the oral traditions and also the documentation which we have.

        Have you got any recommendations? Outside of my schooling and oral traditions from home I dont have much. I am searching for intricate gems of information for us to preserve.

  2. Ahhh tazviona and tafara nekukuzivai, ndisuvacho vanonzi Chirau Mwendamberi vembwa chena. In our region they all know of us by our family name vanaMashinge. By all accounts the first family to settle in this part of Domboshava. My family history tells of how my great grandfather moved the remainder of our family after watching majority of his family being wiped away by the white settlers leaving him as the eldest child to move the women and his younger siblings to then settle paDenda.

    My family on my paternal side does not have any love lost with the catholic missionary movement. VaaSekuru vangu was infamous for setting dogs after missionaries and things of such a nature.I am fortunate to have felt the warmth of my great grandmother’s bossom and to have been around my great grandfather on my maternal side who also were residence of the Chishawasha hills.

    My family’s personal history tells tales of the latter stages of the development of Zimbabwe during the Chimurenga. I am knowledge via the oral tradition and have managed to put together my family tree that goes back to the early 1600’s. I hope the exercise books (4 in total) will reveal a more indepth history that we can then further expound on the ties to the Chinamora clan.

    1. I would also want that information mkuru ndiriwo chirau wembwachena bt there has been a lot of information mixup zvekuti ndakuita ndichirasika kutadza kuziva kuti ndikubva kupi chaizvo

    2. An interesting read. I am also a Mwendamberi Chirau Wembwachena. I am very much interested in any information you may have on our great ancestors. We are currently in Hurungwe (a few of us) but my father was born in Mashame (where there is another bigger group) but as far as he knows his grandfather settled in Mashame from Zvimba Chief Chirau area where the Mwendamberi Chirau clan have chieftaincy. I have come across a couple of Mwendamberi Chiraus from Domboshava and know that somehow we are the same people but cannot exactly put together the pieces. If you bhave any information of any sort, I will be very grateful as I want to know and pass on the knowledge to my children. Thanks in advance.

      1. I have no idea of Gwenzi Clan except for the little interactions they did with Chinamoras. If I come across anything I will definitely share with you.

      2. I am actually of the Mwendamberi Chirau Wembwachena clan NOT of the Shava Gwenzi clan….

      3. More than happy. I have managed to accumulate a lot of information on who we are and our ancestors and how we fit in the Dzimbahwe structure as this is also in our praise totem.

      4. @William Mudimu We are the same people then.i have an extensive family tree with how to link us to Zvimba and our connection with Sinoia.

    3. Enlightening. IAM also from the Chirau clan.I have a family tree history of generations from Zisekuru redu Dyeke Chirau. Pliz let’s share this information. Kindly contact me on my email.or WhatsApp 0772641174

  3. Aaah well done to you Gwenzi for the work you have done. My intention is exactly the same as yours and I will be grateful with any help I can get. Thank you and God bless.

  4. Hi there i dont know much about my history except that im a shawasha ,my great-grandfather moved from (domboshava?) to seke area, i once asked my grandfather about my family tree, he told me but i didnt ryt it down what i remember is that we belong to the house of nzvere, now my grand father is dead , no one else cares in my family. I would like to know more about the shawasha history

    1. Ricky,

      I am still researching and asking our fellow kinsmen to contribute on here about this great people. I am sure if you read the way we spread around Zimbabwe as per only available history written by Chidziva, you will probably have an idea of how you ended up where you are.

    2. Has it been a long time since your family left Domboshava? VaSekuru vangu ndivo vaipa vanhu chinzvimbo chekugara around the Denda region. And on my paternal grandmother’s side varipaChishawasha chaipo.

  5. This is good work being done here. Its important to preserve our history and heritage. I am a Chirau Mwendamberi, weku Domboshava. In the family that is “ruling” (Sabhuku), kwaMudzimu. Mudzimu is actually our other family name. Its a shame that my parents and grandparents are late, and the family is largely scattered abroad and away from the area. i would have liked to carry out such a family mapping and trace my roots.

    If you have anything of the Mudzimu people, ana Mwendamberi Chirau vari muDomboshava, please share. I can relate to most of the names shown on the family tree as my father used to tell me we are related. We also interacted with a lot of them until he passed. i.e. ana Guzha, Ruzvidzo, Chihuri, Chidyausiku, Chikaka etc.

    1. Thank you for the comment hereof. If I can put together anything I will do so. My hope is people like you ould contribute to the information provided here so that we can gro out depleting information about our heritage

    2. Why am I only seeing this now! Is there a way to contact you as I am Chirau Mwendamberi aswell and I am from Domboshava past Denda kwaShumba.

      1. Ini nadir mean wekwaChikowore pamhiri app muchienda kwaMupandira kana muchikuziva Mwendamberi. PaShumba pane hama dzedu dzinonzi anaChirimuzhengeni nanaMarimo vashawasha biyedu ivavo. Ndinotenda nekupfuura/kushanya paDandare revaShawasha

    3. I am a Mwendamberi Chirau Wembwachena now based in Hurungwe but only got there recently and can only trace back our lineage to Mashame area in Gokwe and back to Chief Chirau area in Zvimba. Interesting enough you say Mudzimu is our other family name, my surname is actually Mudimu which could have been a corruption of the name Mudzimu. Would want to know more about the connection between the Mwendamberi Chiraus in Domboshava and the ones in Chirau area under Chief Chirau in Zvimba because thats only as far back I can trace my roots at the moment. Thanks for further engagements.

  6. Greetings. Ah this is interesting i am also Chirau Mwendamberi from Domboshawa. We are from kwaShumba just past Denda.

    i still have family links who are still very much alive and will hear of any other family ties Kwana Mudzimu…

    I know vaSekuru vedu was supposed to be the first Chirau Mwendamberi to move to Domboshava after the tragedies of 1896 kuChishawasha and was forced out. So he moved and settled kuDomboshava in between 1896 and 1898.

    We were told little to noone occupied this area and vaSekuru was the eldest amongst 3 other brothers. It would be good if we also had a continued dialogue about this as the odds of our families not crossing is very minimal.

    1. Okay baba,

      Ini ndini Chikowore agere pamhiri paNyaure uko. PaShumba ndomaShops aripedo nekumba. I hope you can bring in some more facts so we can link back to the great times when families were so close

      1. I think we are on a brink of something and glad in each family there are those who carry the torch with such passion and pride.

        I hope through our rememberance of past oral tradition we can piece together the Shona clans true unsung history.

      2. Since we have connected it would be nice to see you bringing your own wealth of the culture so that we can document it.

    2. @Lion sorry I have absent on the platform. But I agree,we are closely related. My surname is Bare, tirimuDomboshava padhuze nepaShowground apo. My clan is yanaMudzimu nanaMverechena – takakura tichafambidzana navo. Tisu ana Mwendamberi, Chirau, mvura yadzongo. Vaera nondo. Tisu tinotanga kunwa veshure vanonwa mabvondwe.
      I actually have a plackard which has the whole poem. It includes statements – Chirau wembwa chena, akaenda nembwadzake. maita Muguto, makwira zvuru. Maita variMakonde.
      This shows our connection with ana Chirau Mwendamberi vekwaZvimba (Makonde) and anaSoko (makwira zvuru). I am eager to learn more and connect with my family

      1. @tecla I follow you on twitter and think we are friends on Facebook. Yes I have a lengthy praise totem naming those after Chirau including Makonde. Also our relation to Chivero and how we link to the founding fathers of Zimbabwe. Wembwa Chena group have their story of how we moved from Zvimba as we have some in Murombedzi, Uzumba and how we are linked to Jeremiah Chirau who are the lot vana Chabvutagondo who are the current chiefs in Zvimba. But more in tune with this site As we are Korekore our military might was in part why we intermarried with Sokos so they don’t have to clash with Mwendamberi of the the Hwata Clan (Shavas) whose proponence to violence was high at that time so by linking families this could be avoided. This has continued as VaMushonga (RIP) of Chishawasha married a Nondo uniting certain families as did my great grandfather VaMashinge married VaMaretekwa who was a Mwenewazvo. My own grandmother is Mwenewazvo Soko Jena from Hwedza thus my interest in the affairs of Chinamora are of interest as affairs relating to events in Chishawasha area often had his pivotal input. Saka quite intertwined these family clans.

      2. My surname is also Bare from domboshava from the mudzimu and mberechena clan… I know little about my lineage if you could please assist

      3. My surname is also Bare, from domboshava. Part of the mudzimu, mverechena clan I know little about my lineage, could you please assist

  7. My name is Morgan Nzvere ( also loosely spelt as Nzwere). We are from Nyava village, the area we settled after we were moved from Chishawasha by the settlers. Our chieftainship is “chief Chinamhora” in Domboshava, and some of our early torch bearers include Sekuru Kaguvi , who also came from Chinamhora village.

    The other family names include Tingini, Marembo, Chaitezvi,Shambare, Mhembere, Chinemaringa etc

    Anyone interested in knowing more about this great clan can email me on morgan1873@gmail.com

    1. We would appreciate if yu can give us your own account so that people can be informed. i created this forum so that people can connect with their history.

      1. Nyaya dzakadaiso dzinonetsa as i am sure you can appreciate. Many died prior to these supposed election process of the next generation chiefs. Even long after the descendants who still live in the very plains and know the true story were not native of Chishawasha as those who belong if they were not killed they were moved out for not adopting the Jesuits faith of the day.

        Now i find it unlikely that what they would share and document after what they had initially done would be of sound value.

    2. I would like to know the history of this great people. Can I have the history of Nzvere his family and brothers. Our grand father told us that we are of the Nzvere family who lived in Chishawasha the area which now is built the Chishawasha Mission. The little I know is that my grandfather was Gawa whose father was Kadzinga whose father was Katyamakwara whose father was Chibaya. My grandfather finally settled in Uzumba Makaza village.

      1. Pakanaka Mukanya itai muchinyora zvamunoudzwa nevskuru kuitiraremsngwa monditumira ndoisa padare pano kuti vanotsvaka ruzivo vabetserwe

      2. Yes, can you read the history that was narrated by one called Victor Gotora am sure you are of his lineage

    1. That’s part if my family… I’m told that our ancestors came from Zvimba, and so we are Chirau from Zvimba but settled in Domboshava…
      We are Nondo Mwendamberi, chirau… mvura yadzonga…..etc… Our clan includes vekwa Mudzimu, Mutengezanwa, Mutsvanzva, Mverechena…Murape..
      My mother knows our whole story….

      1. Hello hama do you have an email we can converse with? My lineage is a delicate one as my father maternal family were settled in Chishawasha for some time and have historical accounts explaining how vana Jena were part of the Ruling Class amongst vaShawasha in that region alongside vana Murewha and Shava Clans people who were of high influence at that time predating 1886 period. And also how us vana Chirau who are originally from Zvimba moved Chirau Communal lands as we have ancestors buried kwaMurombedzi and Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe area. I would expound on here but it will veer of the subject matter at hand here.
        Also it would be lovely to reconnect as we are all over the World now. 🙂

        Signed Chirau Mwendamberi – akaTafadzwa

      2. @Tecla Zobel
        Uri hanzvadzi yangu chaiyo. My surname is Bare, tirimuDomboshava padhuze nepaShowground apo. My clan is yanaMudzimu nanaMverechena – takakura tichafambidzana navo. Tisu ana Mwendamberi, Chirau, mvura yadzongo. Vaera nondo. Tisu tinotanga kunwa veshure vanonwa mabvondwe.
        I actually have a plackard which has the whole poem. It includes statements – Chirau wembwa chena, akaenda nembwadzake. maita Muguto, makwira zvuru. Maita variMakonde.
        This shows our connection with ana Chirau Mwendamberi vekwaZvimba (Makonde) and anaSoko (makwira zvuru). You say you have more information, please share.

      3. Does anyone have history yana Mbabvu (Mwendamberi Nondo) from Zvimba?

    2. We are directly linked but we moved. We have a narrative in our oral history that explains this but we have ancestors buried in Zvimba were we still visit.

  8. Ihama dzedu i have been informed in detail the exact relation asi at this moment it escapes me. Why do you ask?

    Apologies for my absence.

  9. Tiise maoko mudare Soko! Christopher Gochera ndiro zita rangu ndiri mwana wa Chinhamora ( Chindamora). Ndiri wemhuri yekwa Mudavarwi we Dhombo vari Masundano , vari Chidombwana, vari Harare , vari Goromonzi. Ndizvo zvaiita ambuya vangu vaChinjanja vachinditenda.
    Musa kahadzike Murehwa kwaMudavarwi munokuwana mumugwagwa unobatanidza Chivhu ne Mupandawana (Gutu). Muchangobira karwizi kanonzi Chivake munobva maona mazipani anorimwa mupunga mobva maziva kuti masvika nyika nyoro ye vaShawasha yavakapiwa ne vaRozvi vavadzivirira kupfumo raLobengula.

    Mumashure mokuuya kwevarungu, nyika yaMudavarwi iyi yaka chekwa chekwa kuitwa mapurazi emombe dzemukaka. Vana baba vedu vakanzi nevarungu garai henyu muchirima asi chizivai kuti makagara mumapurazi edu saka muno fanirwa kuti muuye muchizo shandira kugara kwamunoita mupurazi rangu. Hazvina kufadza vakawanda zvekushandiswa pasina muripo, saka vazhinji vaka tama vachiti uyu aenda uko umwe uko nenguva dzaka siyana. Mamwe magudo aya akaenda mu Lanceshire pamhiri pa Nyazvidzi, vamwe ma Gutu muruzeva, vamwe Chiguhune vamwe vuHera, vamwe kwa Chirimuhanzu, vamwe Beatirice, vamwe Gokwe vamwe Zhombe vamwe kuHurungwe.

    Kuti hushe hwaMudavarwi hwaka paranzwa sei ndichatsvakurudza, asi sekuru vangu va Elijah Hodo mwana wa Joka vakange vatamira kuZhombe vachigara kuKasawe vakatama zvakare vodzokera kwaGutu kuchinzi ushe hwaMudavarwi hwave kugadziriswa, handizivi kuti chakavhiringa chii asi ivo ndakanzwa kuti vakazoshaya mugore ra 1976 hondo yave kupisa. Kutaura kuno hapana Chief Mudavarwi.

    Ndichatsvakurudza kuti Mudavarwi anga ari wemba ipi yaChinhamora, sokuti pane nguva yaakateverwa kuti azogara huChinhamora iye ndokuhwanda achiti akange ave wekwaSoko Gochera apo ndokuramba huChinhamora. Zvinonzi muRozvi akatuma mwana wake (Prince) kuno kumbira pfumo kwaChinhamora apo afurufushwa nemaNdebele. Chinhamora anonzi aka daidza vana vake akavaudza zvakanga zvafambirwa namuRozvi uye nokuti mubairo wacho kwaiva kupiwa nyika. Vemba yakazonzi Mudavarwi vakati vaida havo kuenda nemuRozvi.

    Zvinonzi paive nemukoma nemunin’ina saka vaita mazuva vachifamba pakauraiwa mombe zvikanzi sadza ngaribikwe. Mukoma akati ngatibikei nyama munin’ina akati muhondo mukoma ngati gochei tidye tiite tichifamba. Pakaitirwana gakava asi pakazonzi ngapasarudzwe vanoda yekugocha kwavo vogocha vanoda yekubika kwavo vobika. Vakagocha vaka tanga kudya saka vakapakurira ishe wevaRozvi akabva adya saka vakabva simuka naye vakasiya mukoma akamirira nyama yaibikwa kuti iibve. Asi vataurirana pokuzonosangana. Zvose zvapera basa ravaive vatsvakirwa nevaRozvi rapera, Murozvi akachibva avaratidza nyika yavo asi muzinda uripa chikomo che Dhombo. Akabva ati pane zvandadzidza, iwe munin’ina uri mhare yehonho nenyaya yekugocha nyama ndichakuti Gochera uye ndiwe uchave mambo we Dhombo, mukoma ndichakuti Mubhika.

    Nenyaya yekupararira kwakaita vanhu vekwedu hatizivi kuti vamwe varipi? Kana pane gudo rinoziva nyaya iyi pindaiwo mudariro timutsiridze Mudavarwi tigo tevedza gwara redu kuChishawasha. Mazita eva Shawasha veDhombo ndichakupai mangwana.

    1. Vashavasha vakagoverwa dunhu reGoromonzi naChikwaka ndeveimba yaMashonganyika, mwanakomana waNzvere, gotwe raMhembere, nevanji waChaitezvi, mwanakomana wepiri waDerere Godzonga, nevanji waTingini ari Mahugwi-ikozvino kwonzi kwaMapanzure kuMasvingo. Ichokwadi kuti VaShavasha waiwe mutombo wemadzviti nekuti dzaive mhare dzehondo yemhandamidzi (close combat). Chikonzero ndechekuti Tingini zvaaive mhizha, akambonogara Zululand achitengesa mapfumo nemapadza akaroora maZulu ndokuzvara vanakomana vazhinji ikoko vakadzidza hondo yemhandamidzi nguva yaShaka. Vamwe vana vake vakasara ikoko-vanoshandisa zitaguru rekuti Tsvube (kana Ncube), vamwe vaakadzoka navo ndivo madzitateguru evaShavasha anosanganisira vanaDerere Godzonga, Paingarire, Wafanenhombo, Marembo, Vambe, Nehombakoma, Musuwani, Ngarande, Chidyausiku, Kapungumberi and so on Vashavasha vane ropa remaZulu saka madzviti aitamba nhova navo. Derere Godzonga mbune yaive mhare yeclose combat. Madzishe mazhinji kumaZezuru akaita sana Mangwende, Chiweshe, Hwata, Seke, Chivero, Musana, nevamwewo aitoponeswa nevaShawasha pahondo dzemadzviti, maChangani, nemaSwazi aikwidza kuchamhembe mazuva ekutiza udzvinyiriri hwaShaka.

  10. Interesting articles here
    Ini ndinoitwa Clemence Mhembere
    Kumusha ndekwaMurehwa tirivana Soko Murehwa .
    I am searching for my family tree hama dzangu
    I am told tirivaShawasha vana Chinamhora
    Baba vasekuru vainge vakavakira kwaMhembere pedyo nekwaBhora/Juru growth point kunova kwakazobva sekuru vachinovakira kwaMurehwa mhiri kwekwaMusami
    I would like to know more about dzinza rekwedu neukama hwatiinahwo sevaShawasha vana vaTingini ,va Pfumojena
    Ndatenda batsirai hama

  11. Tipeiwo tsanangudzo izere nezve “Pfumojena” ? Zita iri or kudaidzwa uku kwakambouya seiyi kunana mukanya ? Motipawo dudziro zvizere kuitira masalads edu aya ana Mkanya nanaSoko zvipangamazano. thanks.

  12. I was born at Mashinge Village, raised there by my grandfather Mhepo Mashinge. I learnt to swim in Nyaure River, and my grandfather took me hunting in Ngomakurira mountain. I went to school at Mutanhaurwa School. My father had been a school teacher at Tsatse School. I know every single cave in Gandami Mountain. My grandfather Va Mashinge died in June 1963. Before he died he asked me to take dictation notes from him about the history of the Mhepo Mavakire clan (his father) and how the family had come settle in Gadami valley. Those notes covered about 35 exercise books. Rich stuff

    1. It would be nice if you could make these 35 pages available for the lineage related to Mashinge family under the Chinamora Clan

  13. I haven’t gone through the whole website carefully but, based on my casual browsing, I think this is to be commended. I tried doing something like this for vaera Gumbo but still haven’t been able to arrange the information as neatly as you seem to have done. I hope to come back to an updated site at some point and link your stuff with ours as you guys are connected to us, anaMadyirapanze.

    1. Mukuwapasi this is work in progress and we will continue to ensure that necessary details are made available as and when they come through

  14. I also am son of Chinamora. “Soko Murehwa”, “Chinamora” is my seal and seal of my Zezuru progenitors. But beleive me, beyond being vaShavasha vaZezuru, we are Karanga first and yet more than that. Our people goe way beyond Tumbudu ari Mahugwi. We directly descend from Gumbi, son of Murenga, son of Mambiri, son of Tovela son of Ramao of Messopotamia. Our fathers before Tumbudu stayed at Zimbabgi Ruins-within those great walls before moving to Zimbabgi Khami to offer priestly services at Matonjeni. Those that passed on are burried in the curves at Matonjeni. And they did not speak this langauge that we speak today; it was ancient-had a lot of ‘l’s more like Venda or Khalanga but more ancient than that. Yu may ask-‘by what evidence do yu lay claim to these things?’ The ruins are there; the lands are there; the bones lie burried in the earth-wither goest the soul? Is that not proof enough? Male Vashavasha are princes not just because of being sons to Godzonga himself-but of Murenga even. Yet who would have known? So vanaMurehwa,VaMbire variDzimbabgi, see it for yourselves. The truth is not in the dark any more. For instance; why would Kagubi take refuge from Madzviti in Chishavasha?

    1. Mashonganyika

      Is there an way we can communicate via email. I am writing about the history of Vashavasha spanning their territory in Tafara and Mabvuku….if you can please verify…

  15. My Name is Pardon Gotora, muzukuru zukuru waChamboko, aberekwa pamwe naTaasika. Ndine some additions to the Chamboko family and vazukuru. You did well for the Taasika one, but I guess, you didnt get much info from the Chamboko line. I am ready to help. My contact number is 0772867857

    1. Pardon
      Takamboonana. Ini ndinonzi Archibald Gotora. Ndinotenda kana unenhoroondo yemhuri yaChamboko. Ndakamboedza kuti
      vamwe mukoma vandipe nhoroondo, asi zvakanetsa. Zvisinei, unogona kunyora nhoroondo wondipa. Ndichakufonera.

      Ndinovimba vakuru ndakanyora, nekuti vasekuru aTaasika ndakavaona.

  16. Ndinonzi Tafadzwa Knox Mangwiro,ndiri soko Mukanya asi ndinonzwa vamwe vachiti Mhokore.Some in the family also use the surname Machote.Kumusha kuBuhera.I don’t know much semusalad but I somehow I have this interest in finding my roots so I welcome any information that could be helpful.

  17. Makadii vanaMukanya , tapinda tapindawo mudare ,ini ndinonzi Themba Tanhara ndiriwo mwana waChinamhora ,ndinoda kubatsirwawo kuti ndizive dzinza kubva kunaChinamhora kusvika kuna baba vangu . Chinamhora akabereka vana vangani uye mazita avo ?

    1. Temba, please look at the history which details where the name Chinamora came from and who was the first Chinamora andd it also details who his kids were

  18. @ Mashonganyika ndatenda mukanya maoko kwamuri.

    I have been trying to go beyond Tingini and Mahumwi for more than a year but my efforts have been fruitless and this is what i just needed.

    We all have been told we descend from the Njelele/Matonjeni rainmakers and that we share the same blood with Kalanga,Nambya and Venda Ncubes of Malaba, Lubimbi and Mbedzi clans as all these are Sokos who are ancestors of rainmaking priests of Matonjeni.

    Ndatenda muShawasha, Chinamora mukono waTingini.

    1. Maoko pachivare

      Ini ndinonzi Penny Tingini ndinobva kuMasvingo kwaChirumanzu ndinoera Shoko Mutadza.Zita rinonyanyozikamwa ndorokuti Mawurunge.Baba vangu vababerekwa kuma 1920s vanoti vakatora zita rekuti Tingini kubva kunavaTingini vanotaugwa naMashonganyika.

  19. My name is Maxwell Mukombachoto.I was born in murewa at Domborembudzi.From what my father told me my sekurus father was GUTU.Gutu is buried at N’YAMBE at Chakanyemba.his father was Nzvere.Gutu was had a number of brothers who included guhwa and mandaza.Gutu,s first son is Mhembere who settled at a hill called Chisena with his brothers after the death of Gutu.Gutu is said to have had 80 Wives and all his offspring are scattered in chikwaka.So ana soko takawanda kwazvo

    1. Yes welcome mukanya. We are trying to establish our history from here onwards. Mukaitawo family history yenyu motipawo kuti vamwe vagoziva zvingabatsire vakawanda. Panyambe ndokumusha kwedu hee.

  20. Tisvikewo anaMKANYA ,mukuruvara, mugagami,pfumojena,mudevanemawere,maoko kwamuri anaCHINAMHORA ndafara kuona shungu dzatinadzo kuda ziva dzinza redu kwarakabva .INI NDINOITWA ALLAN GWINDI GUHWA CHINAMHORA NDINOBVA PANO PACHINAMHORA PADOMBOSHAWA .NDIRI WEMBA YACHINAMARINGA TICHITAURA PARI PADZIMBA INA DZEHUMAMBO HWEDU ANA CHINAMHORA ,ini ndinerombo rakanaka kuti vabereki vangu vanonditaurira nhoroondo yedu .SO KANA PANE ANOGONA FAMILY TREE NGAATIPEWO TICHIBATSIRANA PLIZ

  21. VaChinamhora
    Vashawasha, ndinofunga kuti nehuwandu hwedu, dai taita kuti
    muShawasha wega wega aitatsvakurudzo yemba, onyora, nhoroondo yokandwa mudare.

    Ndinovimba, wababa Fungai Chikowore akabatanidza nhoroondo idzi, dzoita bhuku. Zvadaro, kuzoenda mberi nenhoondo hakuzonetsa kumhuri yegumi nevatatu (generation 13) kubva pana tateguru Tumbudu.

  22. VaChinamhora
    Vashawasha, ndinofunga kuti nehuwandu hwedu, dai taita kuti
    muShawasha wega wega aitatsvakurudzo yemba, onyora, nhoroondo yokandwa mudare.

    Ndinovimba, wababa Fungai Chikowore akabatanidza nhoroondo idzi, dzoita bhuku. Zvadaro, kuzoenda mberi nenhoondo hakuzonetsa kumhuri yegumi nevatatu (generation 13) kubva pana tateguru Tumbudu.

    Mapopoma nemafashamu mazhinji vaChinamhora are Caldonia.

  23. Kwazivai zvakare vaShawasha.
    Ndine nhoroondo yandirikuedza kubatanidza ndingafare ndikabatsirika.
    Mubvunzo wangu unoti :

    Chidawo chekuti Murehwa chakatangira papi, nani uye zvainge zvadini?
    At what point did it change from Watinaye to Murehwa uyezve if Murehwa aiva munhu pane ane nhoroondo yake here mukati medu?
    Ndatenda mikono yaTingini

    1. @Mwendamberi – wakadii wangu.
      Below is detembo randakawana redu ana maera Nondo:

      Maita Nondo
      Maita Mwendamberi
      Chirau wembwa chena
      Akaenda nembwa dzake
      Akakwira kudenga
      Maita muguto makwira zvuru
      Maita gorekore
      Chiminya museve
      Mucheka wakasunga beta
      Matanga kunwa
      Varishure vanonwa mabvondwe
      Maita vari Makonde
      Zvaitwa Mwendamberi
      Zvaitwa Mushora.

  24. Kwaziwai AnaChinamhora

    Ini ndonzi Dominic Manomano mushawasha weChiweshe. Ana sekuru vedu Kapungumberi, Zvirime nababa wababa Manomano vakanogora Chiweshe pedyo neHoward vachitsvaka nzvimbo yekurima. Ndingafara pakawana anondiudzawo lineage yevandataura ava.

    1. Makadii mukanya tinokuchingamidzai nerudo rwedzinza. Yes verengai history iripano muchawana kuti Kapingumberi ndewedu pachiro pano mushawasha chaiye.

  25. Gogogoi muchiro muno, ini ndoitwa Andrew Chakauya, ndiriwemba yekwa Chidziva, ndokumbirawo kuziva kuti Mafusire akabereka vakomana vangani uye mazita avo ndivanaani. Ndotenda zvikuru nerubatsiro rwamuchandipa.

  26. My mother is also from the Chirau Clan Mwendamberi yeNondo but from Chihota, she also says they all came from Zvimba.


  28. I heard Nondo mwendamberi, mvura yadzongwa, are originally from guruuswa , ndivo zvekare vanobata hushe kwaChirau, in Zvimba. But due to some misunderstandings in the family others moved back, vamwewo went to guruve, mt Darwin and mrewa. There was a time they changed mutupo while hiding from trouble vakambonzi marigazvuru, I stand to be corrected

    1. My mother is Mwendamberi yeNondo… She mentioned something similar to what you have said that All Mwendamberi hell from Chirau Clan in Zvimba… Vamwe vari Sanyati futi…. ivo vanobva kwaChihota kwaGovha.

  29. Hie Hama Am also Mwendamberi Chirau ..also had our history is from Zvimba but my ancestors were settled in Chikomba district kwasadza kunonzi kwaShumba,mutekedza nekuZvichemo ..kana pane aneHistory izere atipewo.

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