Chikowore Sub-Chieftainship

This was formed out of the land that was given to VaShawasha by the Madyirapazhe VaGombo Mukuwapasi people. These people are known under the chieftainship of Musana. This relationship between the two is a very close relationship and has been for many years. Chikowore retains semi-autonomy for many villages covering from the borders with Chinamora, Chikwaka, and right through the villages of Tandi, Kapapiro, Mashambanaka, Berejena, Nyakurwa, Mhembere, Mupandira, Shangwa, Makwara, Chidyausiku, Mazowe, Motsi, Muchaka, and many others which i may not have listed but form part of this sub-chieftainship.

The leadership of this sub-cheiftainship has seen it passed on within the Chikowore Family. So far it has been in the hands of Stephen Chikowore and currently in the hands of Bernad Chikowore who is the first son of Stephen Chikowore. More to follow.

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