Looking for my father๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

Greetings to you all vana Soko nana Murehwa. Ndaitawo dambudziko rinoda rubatsiro pachiro pano. Ndine mwana akauyawo pano akandipirawo nhunwa yake saka ndakuipirawo kuvadare ndava yakakora. Takatarisa nenyaya iyi ngatiyedzeyi kubatsira mune zvakanaka pamaShoko nekuti nyaya iyi hayidi mashoko akaipa.

Zvinonzi pana Chinamora aiita zvekurapa achishanda kwaChivi kuMasvingo uko akashamwaridzana nemumwe murume ikoko. Verengai zvinotevera.

โ€œvanoti ivo baba vangu ava yaive n”anga saka vaishandaa nasekuru vangu baba vamai vangu saka sekuru hanzvadzi yamai vangu vairwara nefungwa saka sekuru ava baba vamai vangu vakauya nababa vangu sen”anga yaiuya kuzorapa murwere pamusha paive naamai vangu.โ€

Chinamora uyu anonzi akarara nenwana weshamwari yake asi haana kuzombofa akawonekwa futi kana neshwari yake. Zvino mwana arikutsvaga baba vake.

Amai vemwana vanonzi ndevekwaZvidza Nhumba kunzvimbo kwaChivi kuMhandamhahwe kwaGudhe.

Ndoonyaya iripano vana Murehwa mopiranawo tiwane kubetsera mwana uyu. Hanzi iko zvino mwana uyu ava ne27 years saka arikushushikana nekuda kuziva mhuri yake. Mwana uyu musikana zvekare. Ndapota fambisa shoko iri tigone kubatsira mwana uyu.


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